Conference 2013

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

of National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

invites undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students to participate

in the 8th interdisciplinary conference

“Philosophy: the New Generation.

The Problem of Justification and the Ways of Argumentation”

which will take place on March 21st – 22nd, 2013

Everyone who tries to prove the verity of their assertions and to convince an opponent of the correctness of their position inevitably faces the problem of argumentation, justification and providing grounds for their statements. Argumentation, justification and strong grounds are what makes knowledge, unlike an opinion, valid for everybody. But as soon as the need for justification arises, it becomes evident that the process is problematic itself. How is it possible at all? What kind of justification could become generally valid? What characteristics the arguments should possess in order to be considered acceptable?

We propose that the conference participants consider a broad range of issues related to the problem of justification and argumentation – both in philosophy itself and at the intersection of philosophy with other areas of study (such as mathematics, history, cultural studies, psychology, political and social criticism, jurisprudence and other disciplines). During the conference we will try to find the answers to the questions such as:

  • What is justification and argumentation in general? What are they needed for and what should they be like? How convincing is the criticism of rational argumentation in the context of criticism of modern rationality in general?
  • Is generally valid argumentation possible in philosophy (and if it is, what makes it possible)? What are the peculiarities of justification and argumentation in particular philosophical disciplines and movements, in different periods of history of philosophy?
  • Is philosophy capable of self-foundationing? What is its role in providing foundations for other areas of study? Do these areas of study need the foundations provided by philosophy?
  • Which models and strategies of argumentation could be reconstructed by the methods of formal logic? What problems does the modern theory of argumentation solve?
  • How exactly separate philosophers and their opponents ground and justify their theses? What do they refer to? Is their argumentation valid?
  • What is the peculiarity of justification and argumentation in the realm of praxis? How is the justification of moral norms, the legitimization of claims for political power possible? How do the ideologies and political regimes legitimize one another?

In order to take part in the conference, please fill in the application form and send it along with the theses of your report to the mailbox Please write “Conference2013” in the subject field of your letter. The application letters should be sent by February 10, 2013.

The working languages are Ukrainian, English and Russian.

The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse the applicants.

The organizing committee does not pay participants’ fares. The participants should apply to their university (or any other organization) which might consider paying the fare.

The conference materials publication is planned.

The requirements for the theses and application forms are as follows:

  • application form and theses should be sent as separate files;
  • volume of theses: up to 4000 characters;
  • Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 spacing;
  • MS Word text format (.doc expansion);
  • standard margins;
  • theses file must contain author’s name, institution, department and specialty at the beginning of the text, as well as the name of the report (centered);
  • filenames of theses and application forms are to be as follows: x_tezy.doc and x_anketa.doc respectively, where x is the author’s surname in Latin letters.